December 1, 2015

Episode 1: Welcome

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Show 01 Quick-Guide

  • Christina thinks that the magic happens when she and Karen work together!
  • Karen heard Christina on a podcast and knew the marriage of social media and PR is the key to success.
  • Karen was a Facebook hold-out until her class reunion. She figured out that social media was her sweet spot and the wheels starting turning for business opportunities.
  • Christina and Karen want to bring on guests and put them in the hot seat to get your questions answered.
  • Christina tells us to dust off those phones and follow up. Nothing beats voice interaction.
  • Flat blog posts? Turn them into live social interaction and see your online presence soar.
  • Live streaming can increase your twitter following by 20 times. Just ONE blab.
  • Make a plan to bring your live stream followers to your other platforms.
  • Speaking of platforms, make sure your brand is consistent across the board.
  • Camera ready vs. just press record.
  • Authenticity is the word of the hour. People want REAL.
  • Christina says be prepared, but brave. People are there to hear what you have to say!
  • Our guests this week give tips on being real, how to bring live streaming guests to your website, and networking through periscope. They Rock!


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